What to Look for in an Estate Attorney

Although we may not like to admit it, making plans for the eventuality of our passing ensures that our family’s needs are met in our absence. Whether you are in your 30s with young children to raise or you are an independently wealthy senior citizen, the peace of mind that follows outlining your wishes in … Read more

Undue Influence in Estate Planning

What is Undue Influence? We’ve all heard stories about the nightmares that families go through when someone is intentionally and negatively influencing the decisions of a testator (the person whose will is in question). Particularly, senior citizens without close, trusted family members to care for them could become victims of manipulation by those they rely … Read more

Complications in Estate Administration

When you lose someone close to you, the impact is deeply profound. Each person grieves in his own way and on his own timeframe. But the executor will face the necessary process of settling the estate with some urgency. When undertaking the complex process involved in funding an estate, it is best to begin without … Read more

Living Trust or Last Will and Testament?

Making plans for the end of our lives often results in discomfort – which often results in procrastination, sometimes until it’s too late. Many of us spend time taking out life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance without a second thought, but delay drafting and signing wills and/or trusts despite how critically important they … Read more

Managing Grief as an Executor

If you’ve been asked to serve as an executor of a friend or loved one’s estate, this is a responsibility worthy of careful consideration. It is an honor to be considered, since executors should be someone who can be trusted to carry out some of the most important end-of-life responsibilities. But, if you do accept, … Read more

Estate Planning Terms Everyone Should Know

Whether you are making arrangements for your own estate or you are faced with managing an estate after the loss of a loved one, estate planning is essential to ensure the timely distribution of assets to heirs following a loss. Working with an estate can be a challenging process, to say the least. Probate, executor, … Read more