What Happens To Season Tickets When Someone Passes Away?

What Happens To Season Tickets When Someone Passes Away?

If you prefer to read, the video transcription is below:

What Happens To Season Tickets When Someone Passes Away?

That’s what we are discussing in today’s video.

Even before I got into my line of work, I’ve always enjoyed reading a good obituary.

When I say good obituary, I mean one that tells a story and it gives you a sense of who the person was .

One of the things that catches my eye now professionally is when it says that the person who passed away was a long time season ticket holder of whatever sports team.

It catches my eye because I wonder what’s going to happen to those tickets.

Can they be inherited? It might be. It depends on where it is.

Different states have different laws, different teams have their own language written into their agreement with the season ticket holders.

But if you are handling an estate or someone you know has passed away and they were a season ticket holder and there could be a good resale value on those tickets, you might want to talk to an attorney and find out can you inherit those tickets because, if so, they can be worth not only the satisfaction of going to games but also a lot of money.

Hope it helps.

Have a great day.

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