What to Do When you Inherit Less Than You Would Expect

People are often surprised that someone who appeared to have less left a substantial Inheritance behind, and sometimes the opposite happens when someone with a lot of wealth leaves behind a small Inheritance.

In today’s video, we’re going to be discussing if how people appear to live on the outside reflects the amount of money you may receive an inheritance and how we handle it.

One of the interesting things I see in my work is the difference between what someone thinks they’re going to inherit from someone who’s recently passed away and what they actually inherit.

What to Do When you Inherit Less Than You Would Expect

You see, sometimes people think the person who passed away didn’t have much money, so there’s really not much there. We’re really glad to prove them wrong and get them more money than they expected. Other times, though, the person who passed away didn’t leave behind much money and it doesn’t make sense based on how he or she led life or what they did for a living.

So we’ll dig deep. Sometimes there are really good explanations as to why there’s not much money left based on spending. There could be really legitimate reasons for it.

In other cases, though, there are some pretty fishy circumstances, like they gave a power of attorney to someone who wasn’t so trustworthy or money just kept going out accounts to places we can’t recognize. In that case, we’re going to really dig deep. We’re going to do some forensic accounting.

We’re going to figure out where that money went because we want to get our Heirs that we’re working for all the money that they can get and that’s something you should do it too if you’re handling an Estate.
Hope this helps. Have a great day.


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