Why “DETAILS” Are So Important in Wills

In today’s video from inheritmore.com we are going to discuss how important it is to be specific in your Will.

Ever hear the expression – “It’s all in the details”?

This could not be more true than in the following case.

We had a case where the deceased left his Pepsi Cola stock in his will The deceased’s name was (let’s say) John Smith.

John’s will said, “I leave all of my Pepsi stock to my Cousin Peter.”

What was the problem in this case?

The problem is that John had two cousins named Peter and both said, “It’s mine.”

So the executor, the person who is handling the estate, asked us what to do.

If you pay out the wrong person, you’re on the hook for paying it out incorrectly and the person who didn’t get paid is now going to come to you to get their value.

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