A Relative Took The Life of a Loved One – Can They Still Inherit?

What is Slayer Statute? In today’s video we’re going to discuss what happens when a family member causes the death of another family member – Will they STILL inherit?

Having a loved one die can be really traumatic. When that death though, is caused by another family member, the pain is so much worse. And then to add insult to injury, the other Heirs, the innocent ones might think, “Why should that Heir, the one who killed our loved one, get anything?”

A Relative Took The Life of a Loved One – Can They Still Inherit?

Fortunately, most states have what are called Slayer Statutes, which means that if someone causes the death of a person, the person who cause of death is not allowed to inherit anything from that.

Now, if you’re planning on doing Probate and you’re under these very unfortunate circumstances, make sure that you consult with an attorney before you proceed because you could have a severe impact on what you inherit if you don’t. Please take this into consideration.

 Have a great day.

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