What to do when you inherit a house full of stuff?

If you prefer to read, the video transcription is below:

In Today’s Video, we’re going to be discussing the physical items that belonged to someone who passed. away.

When someone passes away, their belongings fall into 2 categories

1st category – stuff you and the other heirs want to keep you

2nd category – stuff you and the other heirs don’t want to keep.

I know this sounds obvious, but I want to give a little explanation of how to approach each category.

For those items that you don’t want to keep, I suggest take a little time and make sure you’re acting rationally and putting emotion aside.

I’m talking really about the assets that have some financial value, because you’re going to be dealing with grief.

You’re going to be dealing with stress and you don’t want to rush into selling off some assets for less than their full value.

On the other hand, assets you want to keep, keep in mind that your relatives, your children, will one day be going through the same process.

So think twice about how much you really want to keep it, how much you want to make them sort through when your time comes.

Have a great day.

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