Bank Statements & Other Documents (and what they can tell you)

The other day, I was talking with my client, Rick.

Rick hired us after his Aunt Lucy passed away.

Rick is Aunt Lucy’s closest relative so he was responsible to go find and get all the assets for himself and other relatives.

The problem is Rick has a busy life so he asked us to handle it, which is what we do. It’s a typical case.

Anyway, Rick calls me and tells me that he found that his Aunt Lucy had a checking account at Chase and he says, great, there’s about $8,000 in there.

I said, okay, but I would like to see the statements.

Rick said why?

He wasn’t being defensive. It’s not that he didn’t want to give them to us. He was just curious, so I explained to him.

Bank Statements & Other Documents (and what they can tell you)

Because we look at those statements and we see transactions that say where money has gone, what stuff that Aunt Lucy might have bought, what stuff Aunt Lucy might have invested in.

Using that strategy in the past, we’ve found brokerage accounts, we’ve found timeshare accounts.

We’ve found all these different things where you look and you see patterns, you see expenses and we find assets that can get to the Heirs.

Just a little tip for you to use if you’re in that situation. Have a great day.

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