What does the word GAL have to do with Probate?

While preparing to do probate, which is basically wrapping up all the financial affairs of someone who has passed away, you might have heard the phrase “guardian ad litem” or “GAL.”

What does the word GAL have to do with Probate?

A GAL is someone whom the court appoints to represent those who can’t represent themselves. It’s usually someone who’s too young-a minor-or it could be someone who is under certain mental disability or it could be someone who nobody knows where he is and the court wants to make sure that person is getting adequate representation because he or she is not there to represent themselves.

So, if after you’ve done that really valuable job of finding and recovering the assets, and then you got the next really valuable job, which is to distribute all the assets to the heirs, don’t be insulted if the court appoints a GAL. That’s what the law requires. We want to make sure that is everything’s being transparent and everything’s being fair. Hope this helped.

Hope this helps. Have a great day.

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