Can An Ex-Wife Cash In???

In our asset recovery search – we sometimes find an insurance policy with a really weird twist.

I’ll give you an example.

Robert died and Robert had an insurance policy.

Who did we discover was the beneficiary on this policy?

A woman named Mary, Robert’s Ex-wife – Not just his ex-wife – but his 2nd ex-wife, not the mother of his children.

Yes, Mary now stands to inherit.

Robert’s children are not very happy because Mary wasn’t their mother.

You can imagine the drama that ensues in such a circumstance – That an ex-stepmother is going to be inheriting this money.

In this case, Robert was in luck.

Some states, not all – but some states recognize that people may overlook updating a policy post divorce, and make the assumption that this was an oversight.

They will then make the change for them and remove the person’s name off the policy.

Again, this depends on the state you are in.

… but you may want to review your insurance policies and the beneficiaries

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