Don’t be scared to challenge or question a Will!

In today’s video, we are going to discuss one of the stranger situations we have seen with the Will and its beneficiaries.

I guess that’s it, huh?

That’s what a lot of people think when they didn’t get as much in a Will as they thought. We see it quite often.

For example, Charlie promised each of his children an equal share of his estate. After Charlie died, though, he left everything in his Will to his next door neighbor. The children are stunned and hurt but feel like there is nothing they can do. Actually, maybe they can. A Will is not etched in stone.

If an Heir thinks that there is something fishy about a Will, he or she can challenge the Will.

In fact we just recently covered the story of a Will that was successfully challengedin the case of Jimmy Pearson. You can check out that video also on this channel.

In order to succeed, the complaint cannot just argue that the deceased’s last wishes made him look like a jerk. There has to be some proof that the deceased actually wasn’t of sound mind or someone took advantage of him or was forced to sign the Will.

The first hurdle we overcome when speaking with the client whowants to challenge a is to make sure you file your complaint on time. Every state has different deadlines and they can be strictly enforced. 

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