What to do when you inherit a business?

What to do when you inherit a business?

If you prefer to read, the video transcription is below:

In today’s video we’re going to be covering an existing business left behind when someone passes away.

If you’re handling probate, the wrapping up of the financial and legal affairs of someone who’s recently passed away, and that person owned a business, it is so crucial for you to get in there and make sure that the business is being run properly by someone who is both competent and someone that you can trust.

If you’ve ever owned a business or even just frequented a business, which we all have, you know very well that a poorly run business can go down the tubes very quickly.

Most people and businesses maybe other than their home, that business is the most valuable asset they have.

Even a small business can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more.

So if you’re handling an estate, make sure you get someone who, as I said, can run that business, but also someone that you can trust.

If you don’t know someone, talk to your attorney, talk to an accountant, whoever, but make sure you get on that immediately.

It is so, so important.

Have a great day.

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