You Won’t Believe Who Was Named Beneficiary In This Will. But is it legit???

In today’s video, we are going to discuss one of the strangest situations we have seen with the Will and it’d beneficiaries.

I have seen some interesting Wills in my time but never something like this. Do you know who would not get a penny for me in a Will? A prosecutor who would send me to prison! 

Jimmy Pearson, though, was different. Pearson was murdered earlier this year in his luxurious home in Milwaukie. A few months before his death, Pearson had changed his will to disinherit his two daughters and leave everything to two attorneys.

He knew one of them from the early 1990’s when one of them was a prosecutor who successfully charged Jimmy for selling drugs. The case cost Pearson four years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over time, Pearson accepted responsibility for his actions which earned the prosecutor’s respect and friendship.

The prosecutor and one of his former colleagues, both after they entered private practice, wound up becoming Pearson’s attorneys and close friends.

Pearson’s daughters, who thought that they would inherit everything, were very unhappy and sued, asking a court to find that the will was invalid. The daughters said that the Will was fraudalent and the attorneys pressured Pearson into something he did not understand.

In the end, there was a settlement and the two attorneys only wanted to waiver $75,000. The rest went to  Pearson’s daughters and grandchildren. 

We can also learn from this case that the Will can be challenged and changed.

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